• Sales policy:

Prices for each product you order through peaart.ca are the prices displayed on the Website at the time of your purchase. All prices are in Canadian dollars. Shipping and handling, and applicable taxes, are not included in the price. Peaart.ca reserves the right to modify the prices displayed on its Website at any time and without prior notice.

  • Payment methods and billing:

Payment by credit card is the only accepted form of payment for products displayed on peaart.ca. Accepted credit cards are VISA, MasterCard and American Express. When you purchase a product on peaart.ca you may print a preliminary receipt. The confirmation email that you will receive shortly thereafter from peaart.ca also constitutes a preliminary receipt.

  • Prices:

All prices on peaart.ca are displayed in Canadian dollars, and applicable taxes will be added. All orders, whatever their origin, are payable in Canadian dollars. Peaart.ca reserves the right to change its prices at any time. Products are always charged based on the price at the time an order is registered.

  • Taxes:

Peaart.ca calculates taxes based on the address to which the order will be shipped. For orders shipped within Canada, the taxes will depend on the province.

  • Payment:

All purchases are payable by credit card only. Purchase transactions are sent for processing to peaart.ca e-commerce service or Stripe.com. Only MasterCard, Visa cards and American Express are accepted. The amount indicated must be paid using the procedure described during registration. The customer agrees to pay the total cost and fees related to the product purchased, including taxes. Pea art.ca may modify the price after proper notification to the customer. The customer alone is responsible for the actual payment for a product. The customer bears sole responsibility for the credit card payment for the service offered. Peaart.ca is not responsible for any payment problems that may arise through the use of peaart.ca’s e-commerce service or Strip.com service.

  • Accepting or refusing a purchase order:

Receiving an order confirmation email from peaart.ca does not necessarily mean that peaart.ca has accepted your order, and does not confirm that peaart.ca is under obligation to sell the products included in the order. Peaart.ca reserves the right, without any or further notice, to refuse to do business with a client and/or to establish limited quantities for any product included in order.

  • Out of stock products:

An out of the stock product is a product that is not available, making it impossible to fulfill a complete purchase. It is possible that the product is being ordered, not available, or recalled by the manufacturer. It may also mean that a product has been discontinued (in this case, you will be notified at a later date). Peaart.ca displays all the products that can be ordered from its suppliers. Please note that the products are not always immediately available at the peaart.ca website inventory. In the event that peaart.ca must wait for an out of stock product to be made available by suppliers, your order may be put on hold before it is shipped. Peaart.ca does not guarantee the availability of products displayed on its website. Please note that orders for out of stock products that have not been processed by suppliers after ten (10) days will be cancelled. Peaart.ca customer service will notify you accordingly. Pea Art is not responsible for any prejudices caused by any product being out of stock.

  • Product availability:

Peaart.ca cannot guarantee the availability of merchandise displayed on its website. However, if peaart.ca cannot ship one or more ordered products due to a stock shortage, you may choose to receive a partial order or to wait for the missing merchandise in order to receive a complete delivery. In such an event, Peaart.ca will notify you by email when the merchandise becomes available. Peaart.ca cannot be held responsible for any damages caused by any type of stock shortage.

  • Product description:

Peaart.ca takes every effort to ensure that the product information displayed on the website is accurate. However, peaart.ca does not guarantee that a product description, or any other content on peaart.ca, is accurate, complete, reliable, up to date, or free of errors. If you receive a product displayed on peaart.ca that does not correspond to its description, your only recourse is to return it to us in its original condition.

  • Risks:

All purchases through peaart.ca are accepted on the basis of a shipping contract. This means that any risks involving loss or ownership related to the merchandise are transferred to you when we hand off the merchandise to the carrier.

  • Security and confidentiality:

Online shopping with peaart.ca is secure. Your personal information, as well as information about your credit card, is transmitted electronically in encrypted form to ensure that it remains confidential. It cannot be intercepted, altered or decoded by a third party. Peaart.ca and its partners comply with SSL encryption standards, ensuring that your transaction will always be transmitted securely. Your payment is sent for treatment to peaart.ca through Stripe.com.

Peaart.ca does not recommend customers to store any computer data about credit card information. If customers accepted and store credit card information in peaart.ca, peaart.ca will not take any liability if the data leak out. But we will do our best to keep all information secure.

Peaart.ca does not store any computer data about credit card information, from any transaction, and does not have access to your credit card number. For this reason, you must resubmit your credit card information with each new transaction.

Peaart.ca is committed to protecting your personal data and your private life. However, no security mechanism is perfect, and you should know that there is always a certain risk that the personal information you transmit to peaart.ca may be divulged through no fault on the part of peaart.ca and without your consent. Peaart.ca declines any responsibility in the event that such confidential information about you is divulged.

  • Databases:

In certain circumstances, such as making a purchase or registering for a contest, peaart.ca may require that you provide your name, address, email address, and if you agree, other information. As much as possible, Peaart.ca will provide you with a way to verify that any personal information you transmit is accurate and up to date. All information concerning payment of your order is external to the peaart.ca website. The information that peaart.ca collects enables us to open an account in your name, to process your orders, to contact you in the event that you win a prize in a contest, to personalize our interaction with you, and if you so approve, to occasionally send you personalized information about the website and our products. Under no circumstance will peaart.ca disclose your personal information to its advertisers and/or partners. Moreover, peaart.ca does not sell its customer list. At any time, if you decide you no longer wish to receive information about the website and our products, send us an email at info@peaart.ca and we will remove you from the mailing list.

  • Links to other sites:

Peaart.ca includes links to other sites that are operated by other businesses. When you click on these links, you leave the peaart.ca website. Peaart.ca has no control over the operation of such external sites, and the fact that they are listed on the website does not in any way engage the responsibility of peaart.ca. We recommend that you pay close attention to the privacy policies of such external sites.

  • Cookies:

A cookie is a very small file that is stored on your computer by a website. The cookies stored by peaart.ca are harmless since they cannot retrieve information from your hard drive. These cookies are only used to personalize your next visit to peaart.ca. This technology does not make any personal information about you available to peaart.ca. You can disable cookies at any time by modifying the configuration of your computer, however, in the case of peaart.ca, cookies are essential to its operation.

  • Generalities:

This agreement and the documents mentioned herein constitute the totality of the agreement between you and peaart.ca concerning the subject of the agreement. Failure by peaart.ca to insist on the execution of any part of this agreement, or to require compliance with it, must not be interpreted as waiving any clause or right. In the event that a competent court rules that a provision herein is null, invalid or non-executable, such ruling shall have no impact on other provisions of this agreement. By choosing to browse peaart.ca, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this agreement and have read and understood those conditions. If you do not wish to be bound by these conditions of use, you cannot use peaart.ca for purchasing merchandise.

It is strictly forbidden to use any trademark or logo reproduced on peaart.ca, without prior written permission from the respective owners. It is forbidden to download, display, publish, transmit, reproduce or distribute, in any way, information or any other element or derived work displayed on peaart.ca that is protected by copyright or by any other intellectual property right, without prior written permission from the owner of the right in question. Peaart.ca and all of its contents are provided “as is”, with no guarantee, expressed or implied. Peaart.ca declines all responsibility and gives no guarantee of fittingness for a particular use, nor of reliability or accuracy for the items displayed on the website.

Peaart.ca and its administrators, management or employees cannot at any time be held responsible for any damage whatsoever that may result from an error or from the information displayed on the website. In the event that such errors or information are discovered, peaart.ca will notify its customers as quickly as possible. Please note that certain items and colours may be slightly different from the illustrations displayed on the website.

  • Liability:

Peaart.ca will not be liable for any default, in whole or in part, regarding its obligations toward you, nor for damages or losses you may sustain, if the default, damages or losses are the results of a fortuitous event or a circumstance that is beyond our control. Should peaart.ca be held liable toward one of its customers, such liability will be limited to the amount paid to peaart.ca by the customer for the purchase of products through the website. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the customer is entitled to all of the rights and obligations that a consumer may have by virtue of the applicable rules or laws.