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After years of development, we adhere to the concept of forge ahead and pursue for perfect, and constantly explore and promote the sharing of art knowledge. It is not just about producing the brush but also to create the best expression on art. Our brushes are sold in more than 50 countries around the world and are highly praised by artists from all over the world. We have also worked with artists who have the potential and skills to continue the conservation of these precious cultural treasure of the future.

The Founder

Everything started with the founder Mr. Jeff Lai. He is an elite teacher who has introduced the first combined aluminum pen and innovative concept of patterns on the surface of aluminum… he had changed the market demand. Mr. Jeff Lai has full of great ideals and devoted his life to the development of the company. He has developed a perfect brush stroke, and also created the best and smoothest expressiveness. The elasticity is outstanding, the shape and tip remain the same for long, allowing the user to practice there wonderful paintings. He is supportive of outstanding individuals and groups who are committed to breaking through the boundaries of their art, allowing a new generation of artists to show their strengths.


Macro Wave has the meticulous brushes which are produced with the hand-made technique passed from generations. We always keep pace with times and our brushes are the combination of innovation and tradition. Our brushes are not just tools but also an artistic decoration. We believe that with extraordinary wisdom, pioneering, determination and professional skills, we can overcome all kinds of challenges and make continuous progress.


Marco Wave always kept our intentions of our company since our company was funded and they are sincerity, pragmatism and dedication. The company has accumulated relief, caring and sincere service of our brand name and won the recognition and respect from customers. We believe this is the way to ensure the brand to last forever…


Each brush from us is born through the craftsman’s exquisite craftsmanship. Only a fine craft can show the value of classics. After quenching and deposition with unique creativity through inner satisfaction and appearance, the brush.


Macro Wave has a responsibility to provide the highest level of after-sale services as one of the important criteria for our brand. For customers, this means lifelong care and care to ensure that their performance is superior and reliable enough to be passed on from on generation to the other.


We insist that each brush needs to maintain excellent quality, which is not only the pipeline to show the integrity of our brand, but also the rule to carry out the business. The commitment to guests will be at all costs, with sincere ethics and a solid concept, to achieve the company’s sustainable business goals.

Dedication of material screening

From the very beginning, Macro Wave has been developing various brushes on the research of raw materials and manufacturing processes. In order to meet artists need, we are planning every concept of each brush, make sure we have the best raw materials on the market from natural hair, synthetic fibres and rods. We are responsible for every stage of production and packaging, with the main purpose of making the “Macro Wave” brand synonymous with high quality. Macro Wave is constantly looking for new ideas and motivations. We are ready to accept innovation without missing the tradition to create our brushes by hand.

Agglomeration tradition and technology

Choose one of the hundreds of processes; good raw materials, but also have good craftsmanship, in order to maximize the efficacy of wool. At this time, the skill of the pen-making master is reflected. The basic principle of the quality and competitiveness of our brushes in the global market is the perfect cooperation between process tradition and mechanical automa.

Implement an environmentally friendly environment

For environmental protection, urging raw material suppliers to research new and revolutionary environmentally friendly coatings that mimic the properties of each paint and have a natural, non-toxic paint that allows us to maximize respect for nature in the future and also provide employees the safest and most comfortable working environment.